ICT Trashman

 Picking Up the Trash,  
 One Piece at a Time   

Its not acceptable to steal. What has changed ???

Impact statement.,  Everybody, the act of pilfing, is breaking  onr of those things known as the 10 comandments.  now say what you will about religion.  that is your right.The work that I do is more than a way to just give back.  It's a way for me to be part of something bigger than myself.  Leading by example.  R

Food wrappers, drinking cups, empty cigarette packs, and any piece of discarded waste that becomes an eyesore needs collecting up.  Because people refuse to discard them appropriately, be it a candy wrapper or soda cup, it is considered an introduction of an item into a place where it just doesn't belong.  We must work together as a team to minimize its negative impacts we place on the planet. Because like the saying goes, "you win as a team, you lose as a team.  But you stay together as a team". We are all an American team.  A Kansas team.  A winning Wichita team.  Together a clean team.

Help Reduce the City’s Litter Problem

No matter the degree in which you measure, I will be successful in my efforts to influence, motivate, and promote change throughout the entire city.  Visitors and locals alike.  You can spread the news by informing other people that an act as simple as recycling or even throwing away one's trash properly plays a big role in protecting Mother Nature. For your contributions, visit my GoFundMe page or send them via PayPal.

      Choosing to donate to what it is ICT TrashMan is doing is up to you, .But.please use your freedom that we have as Americans to change.. future generations will call this place home and by simply caring, even the tiniest fraction of a bit, will make a huge difference . Remember, less pollution is a good thing.  For us here, and around the world.

     You too can join in by just walking around and picking up any trash you see.  Keep it that simple from the start, all the way to the finish and things will be just fine.

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