ICT Trashman

 Picking Up the Trash,  
 One Piece at a Time   

             The Backstory of the "ICT Trashman"

        We all have stories that explain who we are.  How we got to be what we be.  Our past. Yes we each have our own.  And each being unique to our own very unique self..  Because we are all unique .   So.what idoes it mean to be  different?  different? It's abthing that grabs your attention.  It's the very reason, is the intention. It is the purpose.  The explanation of why you find yourself reading this website.  The Goodness. Simple.


     The label of "unemployable", the Veterans Administration, so. Missing the opportunity most have l job., so while most would dive into their job to occupy their mind, he did not have that option.  But as a man, one must have something to work towards.  and as a soldier forever, there is a need for a mission.  This had became his mission.

                                      The     "ICT Trashman". 


"The goodness is there.  The goodness is in many places, even if hidden,  or masked.  It's there. You just have to look for it sometimes."   Jon Marple

     Yes it's time consuming and a lot of work, but it sure can build character in someone with how selfless in nature it is.  And while realistic in his world,  in most, it is not. That accomplishments is made. So what would you do??  Most only ever see the surface but within his layers, there is guilt and pain. 

     His own conscience had been stretched far past the ability to justify or give reason as to why he had to learn these things. To have personal experiences with witnessing the evils a person is capable of.  To know, to be fully aware of, that no matter how things appear on Tuesday, what happens on Thursday is open to the circumstances at hand. So therefore anything his possible.  Doesn't it go like, " what can happen, will happen. " .  Any person is capable of any thing.  Given the right circumstances. 

     His story is not one of success but rather one of constant battles.

  " For the ones I love and to keep by the values I hold., I have my strength in my Jesus." 

Jon Marple

Values  such as honesty, integrity, selfless service, duty, sacrifice.l

  Those values dictate his actions. " And when I put the bottle down, I began to make sense of the different areas in life. I would never of put that down, I don't believe. If the VA wasn't  there for me.  I have America to think for that. "

.  The opportunities I have been given, I try to never take for granted a few things.   Life, with Liberty, our Freedom,  my abilities to grow, learn, change, and remember..  But honesty I value most over all.  It allows you to do so much more because your mind isn't jam-packed with all these stories your suppose to remember. And with being honest, it's a lot more easy to remain humble.  It allows you to be real.  Accepting reality.  The world.  The truth. In real space/time.

    I seek for succes in this world like everybody else.No one wants to fail at their goals in life.  But. Not in a typical way either i must point out.  Which means a different way.  Different is the approach i need to reach such conclusions, a different way comes from different thoughts..  Success from failure, gain from loss, creation by education.

     Through the ICT Trashman, I have successfully found purpose and a way to serve my community and country again.  Not one negative thing can I think about in regards to it.  And it truly does benefit everyone. To make neighborhoods more appealing, by picking up trash.  Not very original .  But in the city,  cruising a couple of side streets, feeling good about myself, and properly disposing of the trash nobody is claiming.  Let alone willing to pick up. Trash that has always seemed to be there, will always be there unless effort is there to pick it up.

With the simplest of goals in mind, I try to make the landscape of wherever I am a more beautiful, lovely, and natural-looking environment — background and foreground.

     I believe having a trash-free landscape makes for much more beautiful scenery.  One’s field of view can bring with it peace, calmness, and serenity if not looking upon the carelessness as humans.  My objective to make Wichita, Kansas not only nicer to look at but to live in as well.  And starting from nothing is the best way to honestly do something different.  Hopefully one day, Make America Clean Again!!!

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