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Call Them Out........

                           Wichita, If you have been negatively effected by dishonesty.....meaning



                                           false police statements,

                                           sneak thieving,

                                           false rumors that painted a false picture, 

                                         Being accused of what you did not do

If this sounds like something you've suffered from.....please ....

Write in so the truth can shine!!!  Send us an email with a description of the who, what, when, where, why and we will publish the story on our "Trashy Truth" blog.  

                    Don't hold it in anymore.  Get some closure on these dishonest actions.  No one deserves the punishment of the soda pop pressure building up, ending in the outward burst.  Always hurting those closest to you and those the don't deserve it.  Talk about it but more importantly , know your being heard.



Contact Information

Jon Marple

ICT TrashMan

Email: [email protected]

Service Area

Wichita.  Within City limits.  Shortly outside those as well on moments of real motivation .  Maybe to the county line on rare good weather days.  And I will, one day, make a long distance trash ride.  But when those plans are being made, folks will be made aware.

big businesses, mom-and-pop shops,, and commercial buildings of all kinds. Residential property owners, ,house renters, and vagsbond shelters too. Everyone is a member of the human team and no one should have to look at other people's trash.

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