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What's trashy about the truth

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 5:25 PM

Truth is something that was once said could set you free.  But was that meant to be a literal phrase?? Metaphorical??? Could of been a description of an interpersonal statement.  Like being locked into a state of hypertension. Because because of the of the stress that comes with keeping up with all the lies.   I know I have high blood pressure but I make every effort to not tell a lie.  Take mine's more because I have done too many harmful things such as smoking possibly possibly it might be genetic

     People say I'm an asshole but I like to be real.  About a month ago.  I was getting paid to take an experimental flu vaccine and I haven't had a flu vaccine since 2010.  Watch out  feel that couldn't have serious consequences but do you know I could say I was doing it to help others but really I was doing it cuz I needed the money.  Correction, I wanted the money. 

But as I was going to the building from a parking lot this guy in a wheelchair was hollering at me and as I rode closer on my bike ,he gave me a compliment and said I had a very nice bicycle.  i respondedr by how I was jealous of his wheelchair because it looks so comfortable.   II had just pedeled my bicycle across town and my back hurt and I was tired.  What else should I have said?? thank you, and rode away?? That would, in my eyes, be rude.  And I feel that would give off the impression of me being stuck up or thinking like i'm better than him or something .  He might of thought that because he was i n a wheelchair maybe.  Possibly think I was   prejudice. sorryi but that is not me .give me a complimentI II have no problem sparking up a conversation.  I don't always. Im not one of those annoying people iust talking  i was the truth . I was tired and my back did hurt. and I wish I could of sati down in a chair. II don't care if it had  wheels on it. 

I don't seek out compliments but if someone goes out of their way to try to make me feel good.i think it is a good thing to be real.  He obviously had been fully aware he had no legs like I was aware I had no car.  

And believe it or not, we have been hanging out since. Good heart in him.  Positive as a children's book.  

Be real and honest and you'll be surprised who comes into your life.

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