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60 %ers

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 1:05 PM

And what does it mean when someone is labeled with a title such as a "60 %er"?  Well, it's not the same as a " 1 %er " or hell, even someone who happens to fall into a group like the "top 10%".  And no it doesn't mean they passed a class with a "D" as their grade. Although it comes close to that.  No what this description represents is somebody who is lacking.  And what are they lacking?  Anyting that is missing from what you feel a person should hold.

You could be lacking responsibility.  You could be lacking integrity.  You could be lacking truth.  But if you were lacking truth that would mean you was a dishonest person.  And no I'm not implying that that means they're telling a lie.  I was taught that Omission is a lie andand when you have a habit of withholding 40% of the story and only telling 60% in order to paint a picture for someone.  Like when you are describing something.  That makes you a 60% person yes they tell the truth but they don't tell the whole truth. 

For instance,

" yeah I threw away my trash."

but failing to say that they threw it on the ground.  Meaning they withheld about 40% of it.

They should of said

"Yeah , I threw away my trash.  Is laying back there in the grass."

I guess some people are are too scared to tell the whole truth. 


What do you think???

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