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I wish I may, I wish I might, this here wish, I know it is right!!!

Posted on February 22, 2018 at 9:05 AM

Now since it's the 22nd of February, the date is 2/22.  Now when I see all the same numbers on a digital clock, like the classic 11:11, I have the superstition of making a wish.  But I take the little partner in me a little bit farther.   When I see all the numbers lined up like 11:11, for instance 3:33 or 5:55, I also count it as time to make a wish.  So think about it and let it marinate.  Most people just wish on 11:11.  That's one wish. One wish to get the promotion Instead of Jack (Jack the office ass).  One wish to lose the baby pooch.   One  wish to win the Lotto and not have to wake up and hear your mom gripe about when you plan on moving out.   And  just  one wish for your boss to break both goo hands so you and your co-workers can secretly laugh at him behind his back. Because you all know he can't wipe his ass correctly. Poor micro-managing SOB. He has had an itchy ass since the 9:30 conference where he kept "adjusting" his chair. No. You all seen him grinding his ass on the hand rail.  Just so nasty.   But so funny still.  Even made Marjorie Lysol it after it was dismissed. 

But back to it.

You see, what's better than one wish?? If you say three, your just so regular. No.  You see I get 5 extra wishes.  Total is I get 6 wishes compared to the one wish people who go by the outdated 11:11 rule get. Its 2018. So with the new melineum  comes new rules. To me at least.  And that means I get 5 extra wishes that I get to make.  If I am even lucky enough to catch the digital readout at those times anyway. not going to come true anyhow. just a silly superstition. so it's like I get 5 extra kansas scratch tickets.  Not the good $5 crossword ones, No.  I get the cheap tic tac toe tickets that cost $1 and you can't even get a 2nd Chance play.

But it's 2/22 so let's make a wish.

I wish this ICT TrashMan/non-profit/got no job so I gotta do something/positive influence thing I'm working on to be more successful tomorrow than it is today.

Amen and thank you Jesus for this chance  !!!! 

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