ICT Trashman

 Picking Up the Trash,  
 One Piece at a Time   

    Yes, I have been seen but,
                              Can you hear me now??   
                                                                        I think, I feel, I " just believe ".
                                                                                                  That is the next task ....
                                    So ju taking into account the pace at which this world around us moves, the many things we have going on tends to all blend together.  We can, and do, more often then we care to admit, lose focus on the little things.  Coupled with the "routine " that has become the same ol repetitive list of things that need to be completed, things not high up on the lit of importance to do. That clearly generates complacency amoungst American daily lives, The routine of a 40 hour, excuse me, 32 hour work week, an easy thing to do is get misunderstood.  But things are sometimes perfectly clear.  Who are we to judge??  but he Intent behind our choices   
     Even though the all of us actually, we are known to be imperfect.  Yes, it is proven to be real. And relative.  We are seemingly bound, to do wrong in this world.  At some point, at some level, We must recognize the "why" in what we do wrong. Or we wont  we must    Let it be the laws of Mother Nature, the remaining leftovers of mathematical and/or statistical equations one might view their world by, or maybe its better described for those who live by the Judeo Christian understanding as just one of those burdens we must carry simply as a consequence of the original sin 
                                    We minimize, disregard, space off, have withheld, be denied access to, forget about, or overlook in its entirety. certain things, specific parts, or better yet, specific facts, that are required to accurately communicate what is known to be called the truth.  Just as misunderstanding something is different than choosing to ignore it,    
Not paying enough attention is one thing we must acknowledge. Because who cares about things outside of Misunderstanding due to each perspective being different  paid enough attention to.  The truth can be different depending on each perspective.  But when that very same truth is manipulated purposely by using  the very handicap we all as humans have in us, the fact we  are  gets buried under all the trash.  So just pick it up.  Right,,,?????  Not so simple..............

Jon Marple / Founder  
Positive Encouragement 
It works if you
Just Believe  

    ICT Trashman is simple.   Wichita, KS has a guy with a mission on his hands.  That's right. can you hear me now??  look at you looking.  Good Job!!!!!  The hardest thing about getting the attention of the masses, is getting the attention of the masses.  Simply put. But the right kind of attention is just a bit harder than that.    Because all kinds of folks, yes, even you, and me too, we all gets distracted from time to time..  And lets take it back to the first of, well, everyone. according to the story of Genisis.  We,can all get distracted  

Trash..  And lets s clear that the use of that word is chosen purposely to represent and symbolize more than just loose debris.  Discarded cheeseburger wrappers and plastic straws from a gas station 32 oz soft drink are known as litter. Yes, Trash.  But that word can also describe an individual by the manner in which would behave has been   .    Waste people so selfishly and inconsiderately toss away.  But mama ain't  picking up behind them when they grown and in the real world.  Simple rule of habits.   We have laws against littering as a semi sorta deterant but it still occurs.  Of course. To be expected..  But only when it  seemingly happens more often than it was, does it become a task  needed  to complete.  When we as a whole,  as a people, as our society begins to have negative and normally totally unexpected consequences., Just look around next time you feel like getting out and about.  Amazing how even you see it.   Just the same as "ICT Trashman" did.   It takes time to see it in all the different ways it shows.  Plus it requires sincere honesty within oneself to acknowledge it and see it for the enormous problem it actually is.. 

    It is becoming more and more noticeable.  Popping up all throughout the city  From corner to corner and from block to block, things are different as you travel along.  And that is not speaking of the differences in the make up of an areas given population.  Such as cultures, traditions, spiritual beliefs, or religion.  Not the race of people and  not that they are men or women.  The average age of the people neither.  No, now stay tracking like an old VHS tape player with it and lets keep the picture clear about what it is being discussed.   The differences are the common types of trash found.  The, variations in the amount , or even the materials mostly used.  i.e. paper/plastic cups, tissue paper sandwich wrappers, foil pouches, Styrofoam trays etc.  

    A change must take place in the way we do things if we want to pass this world on to our children, or our children's children, if we want them to have any chance of keeping the standards of living just as high for them as it has been for us.  This is a real problem that can be solved.  Not only by folks taking a stand against it, publicly or privately,  but there is a need to put in some good old fashioned work. ( lubricated by elbow grease ) In 1931, we came together, pulled up our britches, and put foot to ass and worked to build a dam that changed our country for the better.  I believe we can work to get things cleaned up and change the entire world for the better.  How you ask?  

     Well ICT Trashman is using the tools he has in his tool bag, along with the skills he has acquired from the many lessons learned during his lifetime of circumstances and situations that has taken him, literally, around the world and back again to try something different. With or without the momentum of the people behind him, to lead from the front was never a question he had to ask himself.  Riding his bicycle around with the "trashwagon" in tow while picking up the trash that peppers the landscape is just a fraction of the work..  Trying his best to not only educate the mases on the need for change, but to inspire the people to want it as well.  All while still trying to set himself up to be an example worthy enough for people to follow..  Putting in the time and effort required, 

                                                       what a 



                   task it is !! 

      Now this, of course, will take time.   And patience too.   The job will never be 100% complete.  But one foot in front of the other is called walking so "One day at a time.   One piece of trash at a time.  ICT Trashman is committed for the long haul and commitment is something that does not easily intimidate him. 


                      Go Green and Recycle 

 Lets Avoid the " Somebody Has to be Punished "

         to make change happen way of                                                              Negative Reinforcement.

                                It is by Now ,

              Pointless & Unnecessary,

                         Creating More Problems and More Work,

               Before the Real Work Even Starts.

     ICT Trashman likes the recycle concept.  Recycling wherever possible is a wrong statement someone can make.  Recycling is always possible.   It's real, it's here, so it's possible.  A multi billion dollar industry has been built from it.  Recycling whenever available is the correct statement one should make   It all comes down to a choice one makes.

     The choice to recycle is just an individual making a decision to dispose of their waste in a certain way.  Simple.  And in this age of available technologies and the abundant capabilities of communication at our fingertips, coupled with the sheer volumes of the growing population numbers, there is no longer an acceptable excuse to not recycle.  Simple changes in our habits is all it would take to turn recycling into the "new standard way" in which we discard our waste. 

     One is also thinking outside of themselves, aware of it or not, when they recycle. Kudos to y'all!!! The selflessness of recycling should be more than just acknowledged, it should be encouraged!!  Rewarded even.  But until that day is here, Please know, ICT Trashman says thank you.  ICT Trashman acknowledges your positive contribution to saving this planet from our own self destructive ways in life.



Mission Statement & Explanation 

 "Working to lesson the burden placed upon local property owners as well as municipal lands with regard given to the collection, removal, and disposal of loose waste debris that can noticably build up over time." 

     Actively participating in the time consuming process of gathering up and properly disposing of discarded waste ( Litter ) in areas designated and/or zoned under the label of what is widely known as public access ways.  Whether or not a given area is maintained by the land owner(s), a designated labor force (paid or volunteer), municipal service employee(s), or there is a lack any effort concerning the mantinance and upkeep;  the collection and removal of Litter, that by however has come to rest where it is found, either through, with, by, or cause of the forces of nature ; been discarded by irresponsible and/or inconsiderate person(s) who have failed to uphold the standards of the local community regulations ( the laws that say don't litter ) ,or having been placed there by forces unseen, unknown ,or even by animals relocating it will be .      * free of charge *   
     The understanding should be known that all things picked up will receive the due diligence necessary as to ensure all materials capable of being recycled are correctly sorted and properly forwarded to the appropriate destinations for disposal.

 ! !  All laws relevant to trespassing will be obeyed   ! !
  !  !  !

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything ‘away,’ it must go somewhere.”

--Anne Leonard

American Wichita trash