The Story of who the Litter Picker Upper is

    A Veteran of the war(s) on terror.  His time spent being a part of the fighting , backb well before Osama was caught, just as the surge was being undertaken in Iraq,  it's described by what he felt a true soldier , his friend told him    ," it's like being in a whole different world, the same world with the things in it, but on a whole different level then every one around. The power one holds under their control.  .  your within a world, that is not outside of my own 

    After my  Loyalty , along with a set of other principles   My personal alignment and arrangement of where i plant my flag.  Also , with others, in general. How I would take what their reaction is to my commitments when I was asked a question. those very things started to impact my life more and more.. So making sure I stay true to the words I speak.  I say what I mean, and I do what I say

        We all have stories and a past. Each unique to ourselves.  But it was only once I lost everything, I was free to do anything.  And I've come to understand, throughout the many paths I've walked,  the only way to live is by giving back.  Just my opinion. 

     I have been given the status "unemployable" by the Veterans Administration.  But as a man, I must have something to work towards.  And as a soldier forever, I need a mission.  This has become my mission. The "ICT Trashman".  I feel it is one of needed importance.  But the level of how much it's needed, even though it may be present, it is still missed.  Thought to be absent in todays struggles.   The goodness is in many places, even if hidden,  or masked, it's there. You just have to look.

    Yes it's time consuming and a lot of work, but it sure can build character in someone with how selfless in nature it is.  And while realistic in my world, I know it's not in most. So  I know I am selfish in my actions.  I am.   But Most only ever see the surface.  within my layers, I have guilt and pain.  My own conscience has been stretched past the ability to justify or give reason as to why I've had to learn these things. To have personal experiences with witnessing the evils a person is capable of.  To know, to be fully aware, that no matter how things appear on Tuesday, what happens on Thursday is open to the circumstances at hand.  Any person is capable of any thing.  Given the right circumstances.  My story is not one of success but rather one of constant battles.  For the ones I love and to keep by the values I hold.  Those values dictate my actions.  And when I put the bottle down, I began to make sense of the different areas in life.  I have America to think for that.  

.  The opportunities I have been given, I try to never take for granted a few things.   Life, with Liberty, our Freedom, and my abilities to grow, learn, change, and remember..  But honesty I value most over all.  It allows you to be and remain humble.  It allows you to accept.

    I seek to gain from success in this world like everybody else.. Not in a typical way either i must point out.  Which means a different way.  Different is the approach i need to reach such conclusions, a different way comes from different thoughts..  Success from failure, gain from loss, creation by destruction.  Those area not my style.

     Through the ICT Trashman, I have successfully found purpose and a way to serve my community and country again.  Not one negative thing can I think about in regards to it.  And it truly does benefit everyone. To make neighborhoods more appealing, by picking up trash.  Not very oroginal .  But in the city,  cruising a couple of side streets, feeling good about myself, and properly disposing of the trash nobody is claiming.  Let alone willing to pick up. Trash that has always seemed to be there, will always be there unless effort is there to pick it up.

With the simplest of goals in mind, I try to make the landscape of wherever I am a more beautiful, lovely, and natural-looking environment — background and foreground.

     I believe having a trash-free landscape makes for much more beautiful scenery.  One’s field of view can bring with it peace, calmness, and serenity if not looking upon the carelessness as humans.  My objective to make Wichita, Kansas not only nicer to look at but to live in as well.  And starting from nothing is the best way to honestly do something different.

guy picking up trash Wichita red white blue bike flag american