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Jon Marple / Founder    
Positive Encouragement Works
Take a Moment
Just Believe  

    ICT Trashman is an organization in Wichita, KS with a mission. Trash.  Teash and how it is becoming more and more noticable throughout the city., We have to make changes. And not by just taking a stand against it, but by putting in some good old fashionedt ,(lubricated by elbow grease.) work towards getting it cleaned up.  How you ask? Well I am going out there and picking it up myself. Lead from the front I was taught.  Everybody else just needs to care a bit more and correctly discard their waste.

      This of course will take time considering the area to cover.  And patience. And the job will never be 100% complete.  But one foot in front of the other is called walking, so one day at a time, one piece of trash at a time. I'm committed for the long haul.  

    We are in the midst of what is labeled as "global warming" and the' effects are being noticed.  If you choose to believe in its existence, you know this is caused by greenhouse gases being unloaded into the atmosphere at an enormous rate.  Faster and in higher amounts then ever before recorded.  

     And our waste disposal methods, more specifically, "the lack of " waste disposal, is not the cause to this.  Wait.. .  So then what do cheeseburger wrappers and gas station fountain drink cups have to do with global warming??  

     Pollution .  

         And the need for change  

     Change can come in many forms and start in many places.  Within societies and cultures around the world, bringing awareness to an issue and educating the people can, and has many times before, been all that was needed. Now I don't expect what I'm doing to be the " fix" we have been missing.. The pollution problems we have today are just monumental in size.  But I do know that no change, means exactly  that.  No change.  

     A person who will stand by and wait, letting others carry the loads.  Ignoring the heat that draws out their sweat , close their eyes to afraid to look,  but will always show up to the table. Drink the water, eat the fulfilling meal, laugh at the attempts to save the goose but reap the rewards brought about by the gander.  That is taker.  A user.  Selfish.  We should remember, things are falling apart for everyone.  Not just him and not just her.  Not just Billy and Lily are losing their home.  But it does us no good to take over someone's work load.  We must inspire them to kick in.  Motivate them to contribute.  Give them incentive to adapt.  Positivity encourage their teamwork.

     Sometimes it takes the simple act of picking up trash to give everyone a spot in the team.  The difference can be seen, clearly, in areas that have already been visited by the ICT TrashMan. From one area to the next to change continues to grow.

              **if you look, trash litters the ground almost everywhere in the entire city.**

     Now this is only a little bite out of the big o'l problem pie of pollution. .  Continuing to ignore the problem, thinking that someone other than ourselves will handle it, or flat out not caring how we alter the Earth is not acceptable.  To the ICT TrashMan most .  Our failure to accept responsibility as a whole, or forcing a change with regard to our ways will guarantee our children, or our children's children, that  they will have a life far worse than we could ever imagine.  It's time for us to make a change.  The time for change is now.

                             Go Green and Recycle 

    Lets Avoid Negative Reinforcement

                 It is Unnecessary

It Creates More Problems and More Work

                              Stop it Before it Starts

     ICT Trashman likes the recycle concept.  Recycling wherever possible is wrong.  Recycling is always possible.  Recycling whenever available is more understandable.  But it's real, it's here, so it's possible.  It all comes down to a choice one makes.

     The choice to recycle is just an individual making a decision to dispose of their waste in a certain way.   simple.  And in this age of available technologies and the abundant capabilities of communication at our fingertips, coupled with the sheer volumes of our growing population numbers, there is no longer an excuse short of selfishness to not recycle  Simple changes in the habits we have is all it would take to turn recycling into the new standard way we remove our waste. 

     One is also thinking outside of themselves, aware of it or not, when they recycle. Kudos to y'all!!! And the selflessness of that should be acknowledged and encouraged ICT TrashMan feels.

                  Thank You

     When you recycle, you are doing something that helps not just yourself, but everyone and every living thing on this planet. When you recycle, it can be said as well, that you care. And caring about something other than self is what selfless means.  And caring for things beyond what directly benefits us at the present moment is something once known as maturity.

Mission Statement & Explanation of What I Am Doing.

 "Working to lesson the burden placed upon local property owners as well as municipal lands with regard given to the collection, removal, and disposal of loose waste debris that can noticably build up over time." 

     Actively participating in the time consuming process of gathering up and properly disposing of discarded waste ( Litter ) in areas designated and/or zoned under the label of what is widely known as public access ways.  Whether or not a given area is maintained by the land owner(s), a designated labor force (paid or volunteer), municipal service employee(s), or there is a lack any effort concerning the mantinance and upkeep;  the collection and removal of Litter, that by however has come to rest where it is found, either through, with, by, or cause of the forces of nature ; been discarded by irresponsible and/or inconsiderate person(s) who have failed to uphold the standards of the local community regulations ( the laws that say don't litter ) ,or having been placed there by forces unseen, unknown ,or even by animals relocating it will be .      * free of charge *   
     The understanding should be known that all things picked up will receive the due diligence necessary as to ensure all materials capable of being recycled are correctly sorted and properly forwarded to the appropriate destinations for disposal.

 ! !  All laws relevant to trespassing will be obeyed   ! !
  !  !  !

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything ‘away,’ it must go somewhere.”

--Anne Leonard

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